ABX – Cannabis Infused Gummies – Strawberry – 100mg


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Our gummies are bursting with flavor, precisely dosed, and low in calories.

Ideal for micro dosing.  Relax and unwind one piece at a time.

ABX Cannabis Infused Gummies are all-natural and formulated for use by all, being vegan, gluten and gelatin free, but still offering a rich flavor. These (20) Strawberry Gummies have a fruity scent that is truly divine and like a basket of plump strawberries, fresh off the vine. ABX Gummies are made with the highest-quality, all-natural vegan and gluten-free ingredients, as well as contain no gelatin.


100mg TOTAL THC (20 x 5mg doses)

Low calorie & Fat Free

Gluten Free


Strawberry Flavored