Heavy Hitters Ultra Potent Malibu OG Indica Cartridge 1 gram

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Product description

Ultra pure, ultra potent.

Heavy Hitters is made with 100% cannabis native terpenes and contains up to 95% THC.

Heavy Hitters’ Malibu OG is a light Indica with a refreshing, tropical taste profile finished with notes of hibiscus. This strain delivers a happy, well-balanced high.


Strain Type: Indica

Taste Profile: Hibiscus, Pineapple, Tropical

Effect Profile: Calm, Relaxed, Sleepy

Lineage: A phenotype of OG Kush, the exact lineage is still a closely guarded secret

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About this strain: Malibu OG

Malibu OG is a cultivar of unconfirmed origins, with an unknown breeder and unknown genetics. The OG in its name may indicate some OG Kush in its lineage.

The top reported aromas of the Malibu OG strain are citrus, musk, and kush. It is said to taste of earth and lemons.