Surplus: Purified Live Resin Laughing Buddha – 1g Cartridge


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Strain Name: Laughing Buddha

Lift your spirits with a spicy sativa that boosts your mood and gets you thinking. Laughing Buddha is an energizing strain, great for creative and social activities and sure to get your head in a positive place.

Strain Type: Sativa 

Taste Profile: Earthy, Lemon, Herbal 

Effect Profile: Happy, Creative, Euphoric 

Lineage: Cross between Thai and Jamaican sativa strains

Cartridge: Berry, Citrus, Flowery, Giggly, Happy, Laughing Buddha, Sativa, Talkative

About this strain: Laughing Buddha

Breeder Barney’s Farm created Laughing Buddha by crossing its traditional Thai sativa with its Jamaican hybrid, creating a sativa-leaning strain with an aromatic fragrance of exotic fruits.