The OZ Royal Dab Caviar Crumble Banana Skock 1g


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The cooling mint and pine-filled sensory experience of Royal Dab’s Banana Shock Caviar Crumble reminds us of the crisp, chilly air surrounding the slopes of Lake Tahoe. It may take you a few inhales to catch hints of banana hiding beneath the powerful scents of menthol and evergreen. This delicate cream-colored extract breaks apart into fragments just like a fancy bleu cheese falls to pieces under the pressure of a butter knife. Upgrade your joints, spliffs, and blunts with a sprinkle of this intensely sassy concentrate.

OZ Royal Dab Caviar Crumble Banana Shock 1g
THC: 70.77% | CBD: 0.23% | Total: 86.41%

Lab Tested 1 Gram